Back to Basics Skincare

Hello ladies,
Happy New Year to you all

We all tend to get those days when our skin is feeling dull and a bit less fresh than it was looking.
This can be a down to a multitude of things; excesses over Christmas can be one of the contributors or it could even be that your skin is becoming overloaded with too many beauty products.

If this is the case then I always go back to basics with my skincare for a while.
I found this years ago when I was having a few skin issues and went to a dermatologist who suggested to ‘stop all your lotions and potions’ for a while.

So, back to basics means a simple face wash that is suitable for normal skins and a simple but effective moisturizing lotion or cream depending on your skin type of course.

The cream that I was recommended all those years ago is still the one I revert back to.
Nutraderm It is a simple skincare range found in most pharmacies that has products for both the face and the body.
The range includes a great hand cream for those who suffer from eczema. So you can see that it has amazing healing qualities.

It’s inexpensive and simple but it makes your skin, soft smooth and supple overnight.
I still use a vitamin C serum with mine as I cannot live without my face serum but a few weeks of this and everything gets back to normal, allowing me to start to build up my product regime again.

It’s a bit like washing your hair with the same shampoo day in day out; eventually it needs a change to give it a boost.

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