BB Creams

BB creams have been around for a couple of years now and I still get asked ‘what’s the difference?’

BB means Blemish Base

Blemish meaning a slight difference in skin tone or maybe a little bit of a pimple and nothing too acne looking.

Base meaning, under or below something, so now you should be getting the picture!

BB cream is not a substitute for foundation.
It doesn’t cover quite as well, however if you have a relatively good skin and want to use something over your moisturizer, then I would recommend a BB cream.

The tones are only light, medium and dark, so again, not as specific as foundations that have many different shades.

It’s ideal to use as a base for wearing with a powder.

I have tried a number of BB Creams and I like Garnier as it comes in both a normal and matte formula.

I love the texture of the L’Oreal BB Cream and the light shade is better than the medium shade.
The medium can be a little bit orange looking if you use too much.
The coverage is also better than most.

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