Bridal Make Up Lessons

Bridal Make Up Lessons

Recently I have met a few brides who have been a little unsure of hiring a make up artist on their wedding day.

There could be a number of reasons for this.
Travelling to another country for the wedding
Second wedding
A more mature bride
Not wanting too heavy make up

Based on some of the above reasons, I have taught one or two brides to be, how to do their own make up on their wedding day.

I find that if you know a little about make up, know what you like and how you want to look, then it is quite easy to be able to teach in a make up lesson style, how to create your own wedding make up.

The lesson takes 2 and half to 3 hours, depending on style required and can be quite fun as we experiment with colours and styles.

How lovely when one of your guests on your wedding day, asks you ‘who did your beautiful make up for you?’ and you proudly reply that you did it yourself.

For more information on bridal make up and make up lessons go to

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