Dubai Summer Heat

Hi Ladies,

It’s been a few days since my last post as I have been away for the Eid break. I have to say that the 36-degree heat here in Dubai is not as bad as the heat in Africa without A/C!

Although I did notice one thing in particular, how much more intense the sun is in Africa.
We seem to be protected with a layer of humid haze here, which doesn’t make the sun feel as though it is burning too much.

Still, SPF is a very important part of your daily skincare regime, whichever country you are in.
Reports suggest that daily SPF can actually help reduce the signs of ageing.

So it’s never too late to start protecting your skin whatever age you are.

The best way to use daily sunscreen is to find one with an added moisturizer and minimum SPF of 30, moving up to SPF 50.
My favourite range is Sun Sense, which is created in Australia, and they sure know all about sunscreens.

Sun Sense has mostly SPF 50 along with specific anti wrinkle sun protection products.

Apply a small amount over the top of your daily face serum or cream.

I also love my Rejuvi Vitamin C Serum for daytime along with Sun Sense sun lotions.

They absorb into the skin without feeling sticky and work really well under make up.

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