Epiduo Cream for Spots and Acne

As a beauty consultant and skincare specialist, I’m always being asked for good skincare treatments, especially for acne skins.

There are so many products on the market that it can be quite a minefield as to know which ones to use.
Some are so strong that they just irritate the skin and make a bad skin condition even worse.

Oral medication is sometimes the last resort and has definitely helped those with extreme cases of acne. But if you can manage a topical solution, then all the better.

I have personally used many creams as spot and mild acne treatments.
We all get spots, even me!!

Epiduo is one that I have found that has amazing results for my clients and myself.
Not expensive and available over the counter.
It comes in different strengths, so I would recommend the lowest strength to begin with and only use the stronger one if you need to, on the back or chest area.

Over time the cream speeds up the cell renewal process, getting into those clogged pores and pulling out excess sebum, which results in blackheads and spots.

Eventually the skin becomes clearer and you simply lessen the use of the cream until you have the skin problem under control.


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