Face Contouring 'Kardashian' Style!

The Kardashians are responsible for so many style changes over the years and none more so than the recent trend of heavy contouring.

Heavy contouring make up has always been used but more in theatre, dance, fancy dress and film production.

It has rarely been used for a normal day-to-day make up.
Now every young girl wants ‘full contouring’ and you only have to watch Utube for some amazing tutorials.

Personally, I think it’s way over the top for everyday wear and should only be applied where needed and for special occasions.
It looks amazing on bridal and party make up.

Unless you went to specific ‘film’ make up schools, as make up artists, we were taught the basics using brown and bronze powders.

It was 1983 in the north of England when I attended my first make up course at the age of 18 and we were crazy mad about pinks, purples and bright blue eyeliner!
Still great memories!

So, naturally, I have been contouring some of my younger models to get it just right.

Here are some of the latest photos.

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