Fish Pedicure

I tried a fish pedicure on my recent trip to Thailand.
I’ll try anything beauty related once!

Was such a weird feeling to have lots of fish nibbling at your feet.
It’s that sensitive bit between your toes that was worse!

As I sat there for 10 minutes watching them, I thought so many random things…

Do they ever need to feed them?
Are they always hungry?
What happens if I sit for longer than 10 minutes?
Will they go through to the bone!

Although, they weren’t the piranha kind of man eating fish!

After 10 minutes of trying to suppress fits of giggles and also trying to keep my feet still, I decided that, that was all I could manage.

My feet felt so soft and smooth. The little fish looked to be slightly bigger or was that just my imagination!

Would I do it again? Not too sure

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