'Happy New Year!'

To all the lovely ladies that follow my beauty blog, I hope you have learned a few interesting tips about make up and beauty this past year.
For this evening’s party, it’s as always, Glamour, Glitter, Gold and Red!

Tonight’s the night to try out that beautiful bold lipstick that you’ve kept aside. Even if you’re trying a new red lipstick that you wouldn’t normally wear, still, give it a go.
What’s the worst? You just wipe it off or blend it with a slightly nude shade to give your lips that ‘ombre look’

Doing something different with your nails or make up can really lift your spirits and make you feel in the party mood.

I’m a totally nude nail colour person usually but this festive season I have been sporting a dark shimmer burgundy and I have to say that I may just keep it going until Easter!
Why not indeed!

Love, Light and Best Wishes to All

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