Lash Grow Serums

Lash Grow Serums

Being one of many who were last in the queue when it came to handing out eyelashes, I know how frustrating it can be to live with ‘little lashes’
‘Torture’, is being a make up artist and having to also make up beautiful eyes that have long, thick natural lashes.

Lash serums and lash extensions have become increasingly popular over the last two years or so.

I have tried both and will comment on lash extensions in the future but for now it’s all about the serums.

I have tried four in total, two of which did not work at all, so they are not on my recommended list.

The fact is that they do actually work however some work better than others.

Revitalash is probably the most expensive Aed 550
It worked very well for me after about a month of daily use, although it did darken my eyelid colour and made them feel quite sensitive.

As I use both concealer and eye shadow on a daily basis, this didn’t bother me too much but the sensitivity did as I wear contact lenses.

So I went back to an oldie but a goodie, Mavala Double Lash. This product was launched 25 years ago and I think that was probably the first time that I used it.
I bought it two weeks ago on my UK trip for just nine pounds fifty (Yes, Aed 54, one tenth of the price of Revitalash!)

I love the fact that you mascara it directly onto the lashes and not brush along the lash line.
In just 2 weeks my lashes have become thicker, better conditioned and my eyelids are no longer a darker shade.


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