Lazy Body Lotion

Remember those days of youth when we would pamper our bodies in the full-length mirror?
Firming lotion for this, smoothing lotion for that. All that wonderful time on our hands just for us.

Ok, back to present day and reality. We have to be the first ones up and into the shower in order to get everyone else sorted before we can then rush out the door to get to work on time after battling through heavy traffic. Phew!

And as for full-length mirrors!

We don’t always have the time to pamper but we still need something. So clever Nivea have brought out ‘In Shower Body Lotion’
It’s amazing and I have to say that when I first used it, I wasn’t sold on the idea but over time I have come to love it and now wouldn’t be without it.

It’s so easy to use, you simply shower as normal, and then turn the shower-head away from you whilst you smother your entire body in the body lotion, leave for a minute or so and simply rinse off.

It feels odd to begin with as the skin is left feeling so soft as if you have washed in conditioner but I have to say that I no longer use body lotion separately.

I love the fact that they have different types for normal skin, dry skin and even an after sun lotion.
Perhaps one day soon we can have one for firming!

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