Make up brush cleaners

So what do you clean your brushes with and how often?

Your own make up brushes can be washed in a mild shampoo every few weeks or so. You can tell when the brushes need a good clean as they get clogged with make up and the make up doesn’t smooth on properly.
This is especially true with blusher or bronzer brushes.
We have all seen ‘those’ fanned out stubbly clogged brushes, which then become damaged as the bristles turn brittle and break.

Good make up brushes can last forever if you look after them properly. I’ve had some of mine over 20 years and they are still as good as new.

When make up brushes are used by professional make up artists on other people, then they need to be cleaned before use on the next person.
This is sometimes tricky, as the brushes can stay wet, as there is no time for them to dry.

There are several good make up brush cleaners on the market and Mac has been a long time favourite of mine, however I have just started using Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and it is absolutely amazing.

The brushes dry within minutes of cleaning and the solution really conditions the bristles, keeping them soft and looking as new.

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