Me: 50 year old woman who has decided to stop having her hair coloured and rock the gray.

Realisation: I need to up my game in readiness for the day the gray takes over and update my look. I had found Hazel’s website when reading some bridal article and what made me follow up and make an appointment was the photos of her clients and how natural they looked.

I’d take one look at the assistants in the beauty stores here and keep walking as they were all sporting a very mask-like appearance.

So, appointment day rolls around and I’m feeling very nervous as I know I don’t really have a beauty routine as such and am going to be found out.
So yes, I was found out but Hazel has such a lovely way with her and has so many helpful tips that our time together flew by. Her method of getting you to copy what she does is brilliant as you then get the feel of applying the make-up and even if you are heavy handed, she shows you how to correct it.

Hint: you don’t reach for the wipes! In short, I cannot recommend Hazel highly enough and friends and family have been nothing but complimentary about the new look.


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