Max Factor FACEFINITY Primer

I always use primers for my make up and for make up on others.
It preps the skin and gives a smoother surface for the foundation or powders to glide onto.
Foundations are not supposed to be ‘fillers’ for make up.
They are to enhance and even the skin tone.
A common mistake for beauty is that make-up hides or corrects.
Yes, in some cases but I believe that the only hiding should be done by the use of a concealer (hence the word, to conceal) but all other make up is to enhance the natural beauty of the face.
The Max Factor Primer is a soft textured liquid that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.
It also doesn’t have that ‘eraser’ rubber effect that some other primers have.
Primer doesn’t have to be used all over the face; it can be used only on the T zone area if that is where it is needed.
Make up will stay on longer and look more professional.

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