Maybelline FIT Concealers

Hi there ladies
Here’s another super product that I have found recently that I am using every day.

Maybelline FIT Concealers are super soft textured concealers that work really well if you have a few lines and shadows under the eyes.

We all know that concealer that is to thick in texture may cover well but once we laugh, everything cracks and looks aged.

FIT Concealers come in a wide variety of shades that work with all skin tones from very light to even the darkest skin tones.
See in the photo, the darkest shade no 30.
Tones 20 and 25 seem to be the most popular with mid toned skins.

I know how difficult it is to find the right shades within make up ranges.
Sometimes you have to spend a small fortune just to find that it may not be exact.

At least with Maybelline prices, you can afford to buy more than one to test for yourself and they are easy to find at the local supermarkets.

Top tip:
Keeping the skin moist is a must before concealer application.
Dry skin will make the product sit in the lines, therefore use a small amount of eye cream after skincare and leave to settle for 30 minutes or so before applying make up.

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