Movenpick IBN Battuta Gate Hotel

We just had a two-day training with Impala Cosmetics, having 3 sessions, accommodating 55 staff. It was a blast! All the participants enjoyed it to the point of them telling their mates about it. Unfortunately, we could not accommodate all the staff but we will definitely be having another training session with them soon enough. The make-up sale is currently on going in the staff cafeteria and it is packed! The make-up products are priced at an affordable rate. Feedback from my side is that this company is very professional. Their team consists of Hazel, Costa and Rosie. They are very approachable, independent, flexible and of course, they are very punctual and organized as well. Victoria and I are very happy with the performance and the results that we are seeing from working with this company. We have had ladies who don’t normally wear make-up surprising us today looking very different (in a good way) and they are actually making the effort to look their level best. Thank you for all your hard work during these 2 days. I will definitely catch up with you soon enough for the rest of the ladies that have not completed the training yet. It was nice to meet you all. Keep in touch. Best regards, Mahesh Kishor Movenpick IBN Battuta Gate Hotel Cluster Learning & Development Coordinator

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