Nars Blush

I was out shopping today in Sephora, my all time favourite beauty store.
There’s usually so much that I miss about UK shopping, living here in Dubai. But we do have Sephora and UK doesn’t!
I have no idea why and it’s a real mind boggler!
I tried to get my favourite Nars blush at Heathrow this week, only to be told that they too, don’t stock Nars???

Anyhow, today I purchased Nars Blush in shade ‘Orgasm’!
I know…It’s a wicked name isn’t it? And you should see some of the other shade names!
Orgasm is the most natural and complexion lifting shade that they have.
Whilst having a nose, I noticed that Nars have also introduced ‘Super Orgasm’ blush, hmmmm!
To be honest, a little too sparkly for my ‘mature’ complexion! But would be great for this season’s sparkly make up party look.

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