Perfect Eyeliner Trick

How often do you try to do winged eyeliner and find that it is never even or one side is thicker than the other?
Unless you’re here in the Middle East, where enhanced eyeliner is a standard make up look for everyday, special occasions just don’t give you enough practice.
There are so many simple tricks and techniques to get this make up look perfect even with shaky hand syndrome!
The one I find the easiest is to use a business card and line it up with the outer edge of your eye, then simply draw the liner along the edge.
A business card is better than a credit card as the card absorbs the liner as you use it.
Some ladies even use sticky plastic or post it notes!
There’s a lovely image in my mind of my favourite girl ‘Monteco’ who yesterday was playing with make up looks and she had bright yellow ‘post it’ notes on either side of her eyes!
She got the look perfect though!

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