Rejuvi Eye Cream

As well as face serums, Eye creams and eye gels are my main beauty must haves.
I’m forever searching for a great eye cream that is light enough in texture to hydrate fine lines, but also use underneath make up on a daily basis.

I find eye gels very sticky for the mornings (great for puffiness) but they can make eye make up application a sticky mess that doesn’t stay put all day.

I love an eye cream that works both day and night.
I try a new eye cream every time I buy one, in the hope of finding that perfect one.

Recently my last eye cream run out and I hadn’t got a new one ready to go, so I automatically thought of my samples for the Rejuvi brand that I use in my facials.

It’s been a good while since I tried the Rejuvi eye cream even though I religiously use the serums and face creams.

I was so pleasantly surprised that the eye cream felt light and hydrating, plus it absorbs really well in time for me to apply make up in the mornings.

So there you have it. All this time, I had the perfect eye cream right under my nose!
Luckily there are no lines there!!!!


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