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Hazel Mills РHotel Grooming Consultant

Hotel Staff Grooming

We are aware that the ladies in client facing departments must always appear presentable, professional and feel confident at their place of work. Important emphasis is placed upon the uniform, but what attention is placed on make-up application and the head to toe image of your staff?

Our Goal

We would like to help you put an end to the wishful thinking regarding the application of make-up products and implement them as a part of your hotel uniform standards.

The Process

The training session is for maximum 20 girls, lasts approximately two hours. Each girl will receive personal training from the Makeup artist. During the session, Hazel will reveal many secrets to your girls and teach them how to get ready with their make up in less than fifteen minutes and yet still look fresh and ready for their duty.

Moving Forward

Future purchases for products will be available to the hotel at a discounted price through your HR or L&D department.
We also offer free follow up refresher courses and support for product selection

How It Works

To take advantage of this fabulous opportunity we simply require your support with the following:

  • We need a bright room big enough for 30 people
  • A sufficient number of chairs
  • A high chair (for selected model from the training session)
  • White board or flip board
  • Four metre table covered with a white table cloth to display our products

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