Super Amazing Bio Oil

For those that have forgotten just how good this product really is!
Bio Oil is amazing and not at all expensive.
Available from Boots Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy in GC.

I have recently had a small op to remove a lump from my arm and the scar left a slight keloid (raised red skin) I started massaging the area with Bio Oil each night and have only been doing this for the past 5 days.

After day 2 the scar started to soften and smooth, so hopefully after 8 weeks of treatment it will be less noticeable.

Remember also that Bio Oil is great for an extra boost for dehydrated skin, uneven skin, aging skin and stretch marks.

Just massage at night into the face or body after cleansing and feel how soft the skin is next morning.
Most women I know have a phobia about applying oil to their face but, honestly, try this at night on its own for 3 nights and see the difference.
You don’t have to use it all the time but it gives a great hydrating boost.

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