The Best Bronzers

For me, the best bronzer has to be the first one that I ever bought. It was 1982 and I still have that bronzer.
Sun Shimmer by Coty pictured above.

It’s more about the fond memory that goes with it.
17 years old in the 80’s with long curly blonde hair, purple and pink eye shadow with electric blue eyeliner!

We were all wearing pink blusher in a gorgeous ‘Nike’ swoosh along our cheekbones and up towards the temples!

And then came along bronzer! Oh wow! So we just started brushing orange toned powder all over our faces!
It didn’t matter that it was probably raining most of the time! We looked fab!

Bronzers have fortunately lost their ‘tangoed’ hues and have become much more natural in order to obtain the ‘sun kissed’ look.

But, I have to say that I have only now bought my second best bronzer this week. There have been many over the years but nothing compares to. Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

It has an amazing texture that feels as though its part of your skin when you brush it on. It blends in with any foundations or powders and even looks great on bare skin.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before and if Make Up Forever bring out their blushers in the same texture, then they will be onto a real winner.


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