The Truth About Blackheads

What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is a pore in the skin that is blocked by sebum.
It is not dirt!

We all vary as to how active our sebum production is.
It could be caused by stress or in many cases it can be overactive hormones in both male and female of any age
From 12 years to even 50 years!

The sebum only turns dark brown to black when it comes into contact with oxygen/air. Of course, with it looking black, it shows up more on the skin.

To squeeze or not to squeeze!
You can squeeze the sebum out of the blocked pore BUT you must make sure that your skin is clean, than your hands are clean and that you pad and wrap your fingers in multiple layers of tissue.

Squeezing using fingernails only, will damage and bruise the cell structure of the skin around the blackhead. Leaving marks and possible scarring of the skin tissue.

Roll the fingers in a zigzag motion as you gently squeeze.
This will ease out the blockage more gently.
If the blackhead or blocked pore does not come out, then leave it for a few more days.
You can apply warm to comfortably hot cloths to the area.
This will soften the sebum and also loosen the blocked pore area.

I’m not much of a fan of the new ‘scrapers’ that we are seeing to remove blackheads, as all this does is scrape the top off, removing the black but leaves some sebum in the pore.
This will continue to fill up until it gets to the surface and turn dark again.
Never use metal instruments to dig and remove blackheads.

Sticky nose strips are ok, as they do get quite a lot of the blackhead out but you may still want to squeeze a little after to using because the pore strip helps to loosen the sebum.

Exfoliating does help to remove the dead skin over the top of the block pore but you may still need to squeeze a little to get the pores unblocked.

Make sure that you wash the skin after squeezing and use an appropriate toner or rosewater, as this is very gentle and healing on treated skin.

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