“In preparation for my wedding at 52 years of age, I sought the help of Hazel Mills to get the right make-up look on the day.
Previously, I had a consultation with another make-up artist, but felt that she did not understand where I was coming from (I did not want to look like a 50 year old trying to be a 20 year old).
A close friend recommended Hazel, who she said had done a masterful job with her make up on her wedding day some years earlier.
My appointment with Hazel was a delight from beginning to end.
Her studio was professionally set up and the variety of products she introduced me to was very comprehensive.
Most importantly, Hazel listened to me and experimented not only with the products she had on hand, but also with what I had in my own make-up bag already.
Unlike the make-up artists who greet you at the cosmetic counters in the department stores, Hazel is not representing any brand. Instead, I found her knowledge of the different brands to be vast and I felt that she made very good recommendations for me…that often included low cost brands that I would not have ever considered.
All these years I have been wasting money unnecessarily on expensive brands, not really knowing that I could do better with less expensive ones.
Beyond helping me make choices on the products, the lesson from Hazel was great. I did not realize how the application of make-up could make such a difference. The lesson included a supervised practice, which was very useful. Hazel then helped me compile a smart cost effective shopping list…. which I dutifully followed.
I can honestly say this make-up lesson with Hazel was money and time well spent. Not only was I pleased with the results on my wedding day, but thanks to Hazel I now apply my make-up for every-day use in a way that feels just right and gets lots of compliments along the way. I have already recommended Hazel to friends and colleagues…2 of whom have also reported they found this session very beneficial ”
Kind regards

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