Vaseline for Nails

Lately I seem to keep finding ‘good old staples’

Products that we used to use years ago and tend to forget about as there’s always something new on the market.

With the weather getting a bit colder here in Dubai!
My cuticles get very dry, so I have been massaging a well known nail oil into them each night for the past week.

A little bit of difference but not much as I thought the oil felt too thin in texture to work.

Then I remembered a girl that I worked with years ago in a beauty salon.
She told me to use Vaseline on my nails.

Last night I massaged Vaseline around my nails and there is a huge difference in the texture of the skin this morning.

It also reminds me of when I lived in Africa 24 years ago, where most women used to use Vaseline on their faces every evening and what beautiful skins they had.
It’s an oldie but a goody!

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